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Green Stripe Winter Treatment

The Perfect Preparation for a new year

Seasonal winter treatment from January- February

Here at Green Stripe we believe it’s vitally important not to forget caring for your lawn as winter arrives. Green Stripe will provide you with an ongoing moss treatment, during any harsh weather conditions so it can transition smoothly into new spring growth and be protected throughout the winter freeze.

Like our late Autumn treatment, the two-in-one liquid iron and micro-nutrient feed will strengthen and protect your lawn during winter months, whilst any new moss growth will receive a fresh dose of iron to blacken it and induce dehydration.

As grass growth remains quite slow at this time of year, the combination of extra Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium and macro-nutrients are no longer required till spring

Iron is required at this time to promote the production of chlorophyll, ensuring a vibrant green colour within the grass plant and keeping it healthy

We will need to dehydrate any moss in the lawn. This will prevent the plant from retaining moisture and eradicating the conditions in which it needs to thrive and multiply

There are many potential causes for moss to appear in your lawn. This can include mild and wet winter conditions, excessive shade, compacted soils, poorly drained soils, low soil fertility, high or low soil pH, and poor air circulation

Our Winter lawn treatment formula comprises:

Iron sulphate to green up the grass plant keeping it healthy and to dehydrate and blacken moss

A blend of micro-nutrients to harden and strengthen the grass plant, thus improving the root structure and making it less susceptible to diseases

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