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The Perfect summer for your lawn

Seasonal Early summer treatment from May - June

Our summer treatments come in two stages an early summer and a late summer treatment

As the temperatures begin to rise heading towards summer, this is where our Early Summer Lawn Treatment comes in. It is specifically designed to maintain strong and healthy growth of your grass. The partially coated controlled release fertiliser acts quickly while also continuing to protect your lawn against the warmer temperatures and fungal disease that can happen this time of year.

Our early Summer fertiliser is broken down by moisture and bacteria in the soil and can continue to release for up to 10 weeks due to its partially coated surface.

Another special weed killer will also be applied to target any new weeds that have appeared since the Spring Treatment.

Seasonal Late summer treatment from July - September

As we enter the warmest part of the year, this is when our Late Summer Lawn Treatment promotes more growth and lush green colour through these dry months. Our fully coated late Summer fertiliser used at this time of year protects the lawn against scorching and will slowly release nutrients into the soil.

The fertiliser, however, is not enough to maintain a healthy lawn during hot weather, therefore, in dry, hot conditions, your lawn will need to be regularly watered to ensure the plant stays healthy and the fertiliser nutrients are ‘watered in’ to penetrate and reach the root zone.

We advise you to water your grass in the early morning or evening, using a sprinkler attachment (not a hand held hose) and leaving the device in each area of your lawn for at least an hour to ensure the plant receives the moisture it requires.

After the treatment another special targeted liquid weed killer will control any weeds that have evaded treatment so far or new weed growth during this period.

As the warm weather comes we continue to support your lawn and it's growth with our Early and Late Summer treatments

Our early Summer treatment helps to keep your lawn healthy and strong. We want your lawn to look its best as we know it’s the time you really start to use and enjoy it

The Early Summer fertiliser replaces and balances nutrients in the grass. This increases stress tolerance and encourages a uniform surface. all of this will enhance the overall appearance of your lawn.

For the best results and a beautiful green lawn, you will need to water it regularly. It is a vitally important thing for your grass to make sure the feed is properly watered in to the root and of course it keeps your lawn healthy and hydrated.

Our Early Summer lawn treatment formula comprises:

Nitrogen to continue to encourage the growth and colour of your grass

Phosphorous to continue to encourage healthy root development

Potassium and macro-nutrients to strengthen and encourage overall plant health

The fully coated, specially designed, extended release fertiliser is used during this warm season to protect the grass plant against scorching

Depending on the weed coverage of your lawn, our weed killer will either be applied in an overall blanket spray or via a targeted spray method for best results

The application is rain fast within one hour, at which point any rain or irrigation will not affect the treatment

The Late Summer Treatment will also prepare the lawn should any renovation work be required in the autumn, such as (aeration, scarification or overseeding)

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