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Green Stripe Spring Treatment

The Perfect start to the year

Seasonal spring treatment from March - April

Our spring lawn treatment is applied to give lawns a kick start following the hard and cold winter months.

We have specially developed this feed for specific grass growing conditions during March and April period. Developed to work in the cooler months post winter, the fertiliser will encourage the grass to begin new growth and provide the nutrients needed to promote greening and healthy grass.

Unfortunately, Spring is also a time for young weeds to begin to flourish on your lawn. Our targeted weed killer will control these weeds before they spread throughout your lawn. The weed killer takes effect via the leaves of the plant and will begin to control them within 2 weeks of application.

We can guarantee that new customers should see a noticeable positive difference in their lawn just a few weeks after the first application!

We can only urge you after your first treatment to have regular grass treatments to ensure that weeds are kept at bay and your grass remains healthy and strong.

Our experience in delivering treatments each year has gone into the development of this fertiliser

Spring is all about new growth and rejuvenation after a long winter. Our spring treatment is designed to work in both cooler and warmer springs. It encourages the lawn to wake up with brighter colour from winter dormancy

Our fertiliser provides the right ratios of nutrients and ingredients to help your grass grow stronger to give it that lush green colour

Our weed killer takes effect via the leaves of the plant and will begin to control them within 2 weeks of application

Our Spring treatment has twice the lawn food content than almost all "off-the-shelf" standard products you find at your local garden centre or store

Lawns are notoriously hungry plants so our Spring treatment is great for your lawn at this time of the year

Spring weather conditions can result in a flourishing of young weeds. Our treatment also includes a treatment for broad-leaved weeds such as dandelions, daisies, clover, buttercups and plantains.

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