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Throughout the website we have talked about various treatments for your lawn in depth but some treatments we have only touched upon. Hence this section of the website is to explain about the other treatments we can offer you at Green Stripe

Hollow-Tine Aeration

The purpose of hollow-tine aeration is to reduce compaction and thin out the sub surface layer of thatch. This treatment is usually carried out alongside scarification, however the purpose of hoolow-tine aeration is to remove the thousands of cores from the surface of the lawn. This can then allow nutrients, water and oxygen to reach the roots, hence this process will drastically increase the speed and improvement of your lawn.

The small cores are not normally removed by our operatives as if you have sandy soil they will naturally break down, but if you have clay soil they will need to be removed by our team.

Scarification (de-thatching)

Scarification is the name given to the mechanical means of removing surface thatch that has built up over the year. This rigourous treatment doesn’t just increase air flow, it also allows more moisture to reach the root zone, which in turn keeps your grass plant hydrated and healthy. The result is not just a greener healthier grass plant but a plant less prone to fungal attacks.

We normally carry out scarification annually between october to march, before young shoots start to grow. If we do this too late the lawns growth can be stunted by being torn which is what we strive to avoid.

Scarification waste is not removed as a norm, instead we neatly bag it up for your disposal, however we can place it in your compost heap or in your recycling bin if your prefer. Of course we can remove this waste for you but as you can appreciate there will be an additional charge to do so.

Post-Scarification Treatment

This treatment is vital for post scarification as it provides a valuable micro-nutrient feed that will greatly help the grass recover following the scarification process. It also reduces moss spores from reestablishing themselves. 


Lawn Disease Management

Weather conditions can stress your lawn increasing and encouraging the chances of diseases such as red thread, leaf spot, fusarium, fairy ring, thatch fungus and dollar spot to thrive on your lawn. When neccesary we will apply a speacial treatment which reduces the activity of the disease and allows the lawn to recover.

Lawn pests can also emerge at various times of the year such as chafer grubs and leatherjackets. They tend to appear around may time and both can cause a vast amount of damage to your lawn, but are treatable with our treatments specially designed to tackle these pests.


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