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Sometimes, despite our best efforts and our armoury of the best lawn treatment products available to us, some lawns are just too far gone to be saved. This is mainly due to years of neglect, overuse or sometimes due to a significant layer of thatch, your lawn might look more like a barren wasteland or a moss and weed bed than a lawn.

If this is you don’t worry as you have come to the right place and Green Stripe can get your lawn back to how it should be in a matter of months.

Most people, including most gardeners would probably recommend you to re-turf. This will give you a new lawn but depending on how big your lawn it the price could be quite a high one. A good lawn turf can cost up to £10 a square metre and that’s just to buy the lawn itself. That price doesn’t account for the added expense of removing what is left of your old lawn, buying top soil and hiring a skip and lets not forget someone to lay the grass professionally for you.

Before making any decisions about such an invasive trauma to your garden, please consider our total reseed and renovation package. The benefits aren’t just less upheaval and hassle for you but the cost savings alone will be huge. You can get a full total reseed treatment and have a beautiful lawn within months for less than half the price of buying some turf alone.

How It Works

1. To start off we will assess your lawn to decide the best way forward

2. We will scarify your lawn until we get a blank canvas

3. We will complete a full lawn aeration to bring your soil back up to scratch

4. Once we have the lawns area and soil overhauled we can start the total reseeding process

5. A top dressing and specialised feed can then be applied and in a month or so your new lawn will be well on it's way to a full recovery

Our lawn plans

Basic Package

This package includes all 5 Green Stripe Lawn Treatments.

The treatments consist of a combination of specialised fertilisers, targeted weed treatments and moss treatment and prevention.

All this depends on the time of the year.

This is an all year round treatment programme consisting of:

Spring Treatment

Early Summer Treatment

Late Summer Treatment

Autumn Treatment

Winter Treatment

From £7.50/Month

Standard Package

This package includes all 5 Green Stripe Lawn Treatments.

This is a plan we would strongly advise to you as a minimum for all lawns. No matter the lawn condition, size, quality, we advise a Standard Treatment plan with an aeration service scheduled for at least once a year

Summer Solid Aeration

From £10.75/Month

Improver Package

This package includes all 5 Green Stripe Lawn Treatments.

This package is aimed at improving the current condition of your lawn by reducing levels of moss and thatch through a double scarification process and the addition of new seed where necessary

Basic + Standard Packages

Pre-Renovation treatment

Lawn Improver Renovation Day

From £24.25/Month

Total Package

This package includes all 5 Green Stripe Lawn Treatments.

This package is aimed at a complete lawn renovation package for those lawns that need a full makeover and reseeding

Basic + Standard + Improver Packages

Total Reseed Renovation Day

Late Autumn Germination Check

Winter Germination Check

Spring Patch Seeding

From £36.75/Month

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