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Lets Talk About Lawn Care

Along with your Green Stripe treatments there are still some basic things that you will need to carry out to ensure that you continue to have a beautiful lawn


Throughout dry periods it is very important to water your lawn. With regular watering on a daily or even an every other day basis it will keep your grass plant healthy. The best times to water your grass are early in the morning or late in the evening to avoid the evaporation in the heat of the day.

You can check the moisture is soaking in by testing the turf by putting a fork into it and levering the soil to check below. If you haven’t had any moisture soak through, don’t bother wasting water as your lawn may be suffering from the disorder dry patch. If it is the surface of the soil will need the help of a wetting agent to allow the ground to once again absorb moisture.


Mowing is most basic practice for good lawn maintenance. Correct mowing can have a dramatic effect and make the difference between a show piece lawn and an ordinary weed free lawn. There are some important practices in mowing on they are as follows:

Do not cut your lawn too short and never cut it less than 25mm. Also during a dry spell this should be increased to at least 50mm. Most Moss is found on lawns that have been cut too short

Do not let your grass grow too long between mowings as it will make it a lot more difficult to cut

Always Keep The Blades of your mower sharp or you will end up with nasty brown tips on your grass. This can also happen if you mow the lawn when the grass is still too wet

Make sure you always remove your clippings to avoid thatch forming. The environment in which moss can thrive includes thatch


How Often Should I Cut The Lawn?

Can I Mow My Lawn After Or Before My Lawn Treatment?

During the spring an late summer you should be mowing a couple of times a week. During a dry spell, you may find that the grass isn't growing. Normally a weekly mow is about right for most lawns, however the more often that you mow your lawn the less clippings you need to remove. If you Mow often your grass will be easier to maintain, cut and will be greener and healthier

This can depend on how many weeds you currently have as the weed killer works from the leaves, then down to the roots. Do not cut the leaves off the weeds as this will drastically reduce the effectiveness of the treatment. We would ideally recommend holding off mowing your lawn for three days after treatments to allow it to take effect.

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